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My Services

Covering all Projects Big and Small
  • Painting inside and out

  • Building work inside and out

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms

  • Fascias & guttering 

  • Gardens


Work with Landlords and student accommodation. 


Michael will work with other companies/trades on your behalf and organises to help get your job done making it stress free for you! 


Please call or email me about any job you want looking at and if I can't help I will always know someone who can. 

Past and Current Projects


  • Temptations; Plymouth, Design club, refit the club, site Forman

  • Temptations T2; Plymouth, Design club, refit the club, site Forman

  • Temptations Bristol; Design club, refit the club, site Forman 

*maintenance to all clubs above


Restaurants and shops

  • J.D Grill; Plymouth, Remodelling and Maintenance

  • Pizzaghetti; Barbican, Remodelling and Maintenance

  • Mediterranean; Barbican, Remodelling and Maintenance

  • Burger King, Maintenance

  • Asda, Painting and decorating

House Conversion into flats

8 House’s converted into flats for three landlords and one Landlady 

16 Flats remodel, redesign, refit. Fitted kitchens and Bathrooms

Discovery Wharf, apartments on the Barbican Plymouth


Barn Conversion

Design, refit and Remodel (see gallery for photos)


Maintenance work

Maintenance work carried out with:

  • Shorey Letting 

  • Clubs

  • Restaurants 

  • Landlords and Landladys


Refit & Design (see gallery for photos)

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